Emanuella Samuel, popularly known as Emanuella, is a 10 year oldYouTube child comedian on Mark Angel’s YouTube channel. Her first appearance was on episode 34, titled “Who Mess?”.

She’s the first female celebrity in Nigeria to build a house, buy a car (Lexus 570) with her God given talent and still a virgin. She didn’t trade Clitocurrency.😏

In 2020, she announced building her mother a house, y’all still remember?🙄 Good!

Now check this out:👇

Emmanuella bought the classy car in the picture, without being featured in Nollywood movies, without twerking and shaking yansh on social media, without being KNACKED, AMULIZED & PREEKILIZED recklessly in room 306, no sugar daddy, no insta-live, no bone straight or narrow hair, didn’t marry an old man unlike others.

Don’t tell me she has started f*vckin o or that Mark Angel yaf entered the place o, I won’t agree with you cha cha. She is still a virgin.🚶

So you see….

Comedienne Emmanuella Is The First Virgin Girl In Nigeria To Buy A Car & Build A House -DO YOU AGREE?

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