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Monday program

financial system (fs) , is discussion that concerns The system or society. Results of what we hope to get back in return through the business we invest in. It is also a platform where you can be able to seek for financial support as long as it is a legit need. The program will also promote your financial plan eg. Business place, company, self business name, and many more. This platform is a group strictly for business men and women.

Tuesday program

Asking and Answering Question (A.&. A. Q) is a program that will educate your educational and speaking background. These platform is for everyone, this program will educate you with every support you need to succeed in life. With this platform you will be able to know what is happening, what will happen, and what has happened, with this program you will also know your right as an law abiding citizen of your country. To be a member of this group! You must know your right.


Wednesday program

Playing games: (pg) is a program that is designed all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Once you are in the group (pg) note that the remaining days in the week will end with plans achieved. (Pg) will help you to plan well in to avoid falling into pit. You must be a focused person to describe your destination anytime, anywhere, any day. Enjoy the game of Love,note that with you in these group you will be able to make the right choice.

Thursday program 

God’s Time (GT) is a program that makes you remember your Creator in the days of your youth. When you become part of “God’s time” your steps will be ordered by God. You will understand that his the reason for the season. You will understand why you must not question his plans towards your life, you will also understand why you have to be a lover of God in all areas of your life.

Friday program

Beach fun (BF) : is a platform where you take out Time to hangout in Beach for a thirst of nature. Beach has nature surround it. Being part of this group it will help you understand that life was first Extablished with nature. Nature can only be seen around water more than when it is far from water, Water is more Rich in nature, because the spirit of God still dwell in the water (BF) is the best for you.

Saturday program

Adventure results : (AR) is a platform where you discover the reality of a man, when you mentioned (AR )you dream about The trade of Man into reality, it’s also reveal the study of Man and his kind which is known as mankind. Talking about (AR) is like the reality where you have never dream of going, you suddenly see yourself achieving your goals in success. Road to success is never smooth , it comes with Adventure results (AR) . Before you can tell your true story you must have an adventure results.

Sunday program

Message To The Poor ( MTTP) : is a program that describe what Love is!
Love is love but (mttp) will only show you the definition and steps to follow, everyone wants to be celebrated and what brings about celebration is When you have love in your heart. You can not celebrate if you don’t show love to (mttp) there must be assignment created for your achievement in success. People will ask why success? Yes success is the only prove to show that you have love and not just having Love but by sending your 🤲 message to the poor (mttp)  I pray the understanding of God will break chains for our shinning.

Oetv ambassador trade TV reality show is a program that will educate your vision into your latest version and your only prove is the secret key given to you, to be just The latest version of your self.